Stands for Wild Insane Loud Language.

Anger induced Tourette's Syndrome. W.I.L.L. can be heard when people play COD and begin to lose. Supposedly experienced for two reasons: the fun of raging, and because one is actually losing. Consists of lots of F's, S's, N's, GD's, J's, and pretty much every other known curse word.

W.I.L.L. is a very serious and very contagious disease. If someone you know contracts it, seek help immediately. Do not approach someone with W.I.L.L. alone, for this can be hazardous to your personal health. NEVER EVER EVER suggest they put down the video game. This will surely result in bodily harm.
Gamer 1: G**damn motherf**king piece of s**t bastards!!! F**KING F**K!!!!!!!!!

Gamer 2: Dude... You sound like you just caught W.I.L.L.

Gamer 1: F**k you, man! I'm playing with my frat brothers and our KDR is under 1...

Gamer 2: Ohhh... yea. You've got W.I.L.L. but with good cause.
by blukittygeek January 04, 2012
The guy that makes your day brighter. Boys arent supposed to be beautiful, but he is. He has the smile that makes me want to kiss him. Has redish brown hair, but calls it brown. Dark brown puppy dog eyes that are sooo beautiful. The person songs are about. He is AMAZING! He loves to play soccer, and he secretly stares at me during class, and he thinks I dont notice but I do. He loves me but he just won't say it, but I think that is my fault because I have never told him. I miss you so much Will. If I see you on the first day of school, I will run to you and hug you, and never let go.:)
Happy late birthday, Will!
by ilovewilliamk:) July 24, 2014
something or someone in love with someone else while they're in a relationship
Dude 1: "hey check out that girl"
Dude 2: "back off man she's in a relationship"
Dude 1: "go pull a will and stare at her in a lovely manner"
by ipd123 April 04, 2010
A moronic fucker who acts black.
Joe: That kid is such wills.
John: Like Chris.
Joe: Yeah, he's a queef.
by Kirk July 10, 2003
Will is someone who is smart, cute, kind, and the best boyfriend material. Sorry girls, but all the best Wills are gay. They will never like you, even though they are the perfect people.
Whether it's Will Truman from Will & Grace, Senator Portman's son Will, or Will Horton from Days of our Lives, all the beast Wills are gay.
by JustAnotherCoolWillPerson July 31, 2013
a figment of your imagination. he doesn't exist, your just going insane.
there are no examples, people named will dont exist.
by BigSwavy March 29, 2013
A black haired, brown eyed, super tall boy with asburgers syndrome and a short temper. Also, one of the most wonderful human beings on the face of this planet.
CT: Yo' faggot.
Will: *proceeds to beat CT within an inch of his life*
by derps March 28, 2012

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