Most lovable person I know very smart he's on the shorter side but still fricking amazing you can't beat the will's in the world (best kisser I know)
-who's that?
-will duh!
by Ceilingfan101 April 11, 2012
Handsome. Nice penis. Educated. Successful. He'll send an Uber to get you to/from his location, like a true gentleman. Will has great taste in music, and doesn't dance like he's fucking retarded. Will is the next level of fun. Will has mad game. Will gets better with age.
I really like this one... He's a total Will.

She's in love. He pulled a Will on her.
by Little Crosby May 22, 2016
Will is just a cool, easy-going guy. He is basically the definition of weird, but that's what everyone loves about him; also the fact he's not afraid to admit it. He's nice, smart, and is the one person you can talk to about anything and if he can't help you, he'll try to make you feel better. He doesn't look for anyone to date and he mostly cares about your personality and how you show respect. He loves, sports, writing, and all of his friends and family.
It's cool that Will can be so understanding. He's one cool dude.
by Flashgame May 26, 2016
The guy that makes your day brighter. Boys arent supposed to be beautiful, but he is. He has the smile that makes me want to kiss him. Has redish brown hair, but calls it brown. Dark brown puppy dog eyes that are sooo beautiful. The person songs are about. He is AMAZING! He loves to play soccer, and he secretly stares at me during class, and he thinks I dont notice but I do. He loves me but he just won't say it, but I think that is my fault because I have never told him. I miss you so much Will. If I see you on the first day of school, I will run to you and hug you, and never let go.:)
Happy late birthday, Will!
by ilovewilliamk:) July 24, 2014
a figment of your imagination. he doesn't exist, your just going insane.
there are no examples, people named will dont exist.
by BigSwavy March 29, 2013
A pIece of shit that fucks over everything he does
Quit being a Will and fucking over the Altos!
by Barack Osama51 October 14, 2015
will is a complete mongoloid+
by Deadpool123456789 June 12, 2015
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