An italian mobster who is proficient in kicking ass and banging hot chicks. More often than not you can catch him practicing martial arts, or shooting people in the face. He enjoys making movies, shredding on the acoustic guitar, and eating salsa. A "B.A.M.F." plain and simple. There is really no other way to describe him.
"Who was that hot bad ass extorting the barber shop?"
"Dude, that was Will, didnt you see him in that movie where he beat the hell out of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jason Statham?"
by Carlo DeFlorance April 19, 2009
Will is the latin term for never ending sexiness. This particular man, altough he was passed up for the god of hair products twice, has been voted People Weekly's Sexiest man alive 39 times, tying with Brad Pitt. Although usually nomadic, he is currently setteled in Newport Beach, due to his preference to warm climate. He joined a nudist colony in April, because he felt tan lines were unflattering. Will does not attend school or have any hobbies; he devotes his time to his looks, trying to become as sexy as humanly possible. His followers have devoted many petitions to him, and he even has gotten nominated for pope but unfortunatly the cardinals found out about the....indescretions..... So in the name of the almost pope, completely gorgeous almost god, lets all get naked.
Chick numero uno- "OMG did you sign the petition for Will?"
Chick numero dos- " Of course i did Will is a sexy beast!"
by Only a Faitful Follower September 14, 2008
A short boy, blond, with amazing blue eyes. Not the cutest, but likeable in his own sweet way. Speaks out, is really smart, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Takes his relationships really slow, so don't be discouraged and stay patient. Wait for him to make up his mind and take the first step. If you get him, never let him go. He knows how to make a girl happy, and does it quite well.
I love you Will, so just take your time.
by Super sexy beast February 02, 2012
Born in England, he was raised in great secrecy because of his obviously overpowering potential. Despite this, he was offered the position of prime minister aged 13, but turned it down on the grounds that it was a “lost cause”. David Cameron was elected shortly after. He emigrated to Australia to live a quieter life away from the adoring fans, and settled down to his studies. In only 2 years he gained his PhD’s in both quantum physics and sex, his achievements earning him the #2 spot on the “most likely to be the second coming of Jesus” list, after Dylan Moran, and a seat in the United Nations. His success isn’t only in the academicals and political world, but in the physical as well. His amazing blue eyes, luscious brown hair and chiselled muscle structure have forced him to repeatedly turn down contracts as a model and actor, including the chance to be Steven Hawking’s stunt double. In his spare time, Will concentrates on his martial arts skills, which he uses to single-handedly keep North Korea at bay, forever the unsung hero of the modern world. All said and done, he will forever be the shining hope of this world.
Female: My life isn’t worth living anymore; there is no hope for me.

Will: Look me in the abs and say that.
Female: Oh Will, I love you!

Obama: He is truly a hero.
by MyKingdomForADonkey January 03, 2012
A complete stud. Brown eyed, brown hair sexy motherfucker. People want to be him.
Josh: Do you know Will?
Joe: Yea, he is the biggest stud ever, Every guy wants to be him.
Josh: Only in our dreams buddy.
by Willisthebestnameevermade November 15, 2011
A pimp or gangster; someone who is known for talking shit and smoking marijuana; a G.
Dam, stop being will or you will get sent to christian boot camp
by tp boy July 13, 2008
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