A pimp or gangster; someone who is known for talking shit and smoking marijuana; a G.
Dam, stop being will or you will get sent to christian boot camp
by tp boy July 13, 2008
a special type of man that is hard to find. very handsome, intelligent and above all caring. Always takes the time to make sure you are ok and will show genuine interest in you and your life. Willing to help at any point and wants what is best for you. He is very open and will love you for who you are and not be afraid to show it.

You can always tell when he is worried/anxious/hungry when he goes quiet and has a certain look on his face. His eyes give his feelings and thoughts straight away.

Great body, extremely talented, highly entertaining, witty, and great in bed. A best friend that is loved and will never be forgotten.
he's a will type of man
by duvetlove February 28, 2015
Will is a guy that might be the sweetest human being to walk the earth. He's been through so much more than anyone can ever imagine and you can talk to him about any problem. He's an amazing lover, super hot, and a great person to cuddle with. When he walks by the lady's surround him saying his name, and boys go gay for him. Total sex god
-Woah who's that?
-Will! he's perfection. Literally sex on toast
by The Secretive One November 09, 2013
A short boy, blond, with amazing blue eyes. Not the cutest, but likeable in his own sweet way. Speaks out, is really smart, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Takes his relationships really slow, so don't be discouraged and stay patient. Wait for him to make up his mind and take the first step. If you get him, never let him go. He knows how to make a girl happy, and does it quite well.
I love you Will, so just take your time.
by Super sexy beast February 02, 2012
A paper you write before you die to be in effect after you die
i can not explain my Will just yet, it's not my time
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
the act of having gay sex. but only between two guys. because the term wills is not good enough to encompass the awesomeitude of having lesbian sex
that guy got wills'd

they were willsing last night
by fatty mchugelarge January 13, 2006
The BEST kisser, period.
Kissing will is better than life itself...
by Morgan wells March 12, 2015

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