A paper you write before you die to be in effect after you die
i can not explain my Will just yet, it's not my time
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
An italian mobster who is proficient in kicking ass and banging hot chicks. More often than not you can catch him practicing martial arts, or shooting people in the face. He enjoys making movies, shredding on the acoustic guitar, and eating salsa. A "B.A.M.F." plain and simple. There is really no other way to describe him.
"Who was that hot bad ass extorting the barber shop?"
"Dude, that was Will, didnt you see him in that movie where he beat the hell out of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jason Statham?"
by Carlo DeFlorance April 19, 2009
the act of having gay sex. but only between two guys. because the term wills is not good enough to encompass the awesomeitude of having lesbian sex
that guy got wills'd

they were willsing last night
by fatty mchugelarge January 13, 2006
A short boy, blond, with amazing blue eyes. Not the cutest, but likeable in his own sweet way. Speaks out, is really smart, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Takes his relationships really slow, so don't be discouraged and stay patient. Wait for him to make up his mind and take the first step. If you get him, never let him go. He knows how to make a girl happy, and does it quite well.
I love you Will, so just take your time.
by Super sexy beast February 02, 2012
A nice boy who loves to be the center of attention. Very talented, shows off and you can't help wanting him. The boy of your dreams. Has a bright future ahead if him.
"Who's that guy over there showing off?"
"Oh that's Will I wish he liked me!"
by Hotdancer November 30, 2013
Will is a guy that might be the sweetest human being to walk the earth. He's been through so much more than anyone can ever imagine and you can talk to him about any problem. He's an amazing lover, super hot, and a great person to cuddle with. When he walks by the lady's surround him saying his name, and boys go gay for him. Total sex god
-Woah who's that?
-Will! he's perfection. Literally sex on toast
by The Secretive One November 09, 2013
A complete stud. Brown eyed, brown hair sexy motherfucker. People want to be him.
Josh: Do you know Will?
Joe: Yea, he is the biggest stud ever, Every guy wants to be him.
Josh: Only in our dreams buddy.
by Willisthebestnameevermade November 15, 2011

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