blonde hair. green eyes. hot. buff body. works out almost everyday to impress the ladiesss. sweet talker. flirtatious. sensitive guy. funny.
Girl 1: yea so i was talking to this guy today.. i reallllyyyy like him. he's so nice and sensitive. plus, he's good looking ;)
Girl 2: was his name Will?
Girl 1: yes! how'd you know??
by peopleperson123 July 23, 2010
Will may be short and skinny , but his dark blue eyes make up for it. Will might have a angry scary side to him no one wants to see , but his smile makes up tor it , Will has a funny side most people don't see but when I'm around him all I see is him , all I see is him and me , he makes me smile like a loser, I turn red when I talk to him , maybe I'm a bit weird sometimes but he doesn't care what I am , he likes me for who I am when I'm around him. Well at least I hope. I don't like seeing his scary mean side, but I hope I never do. His birthday is August 19th. When I see him in the hallways all I want to do is talk to him. he makes me happy to go to school. he makes me want to get good grades to go to special party's for A and B student grade party's, I act really nervous , and retared around him. I love when he taps me on the shoulders and run, and look back at me and I look back at him, and we make this cute frown face. I really don't like short guys just because I don't like people thinking stuff. But he's the first guy that ever made me feel like I don't care what people say, I want to be with him. when I'm around him I don't see any guys "hots guy". I may be a flirt but when I'm around will , my brain goes "(My name) flirt with only will. I hope that he feels the same for me. Or maybe just half will be fine. I hope someone will read this and think man I really like someone and I don't care what others say! :)
August 19th
by x3DatGirl January 28, 2013
The worlds most amazing Human being a live to ever step foot on this earth,he is so gorgeous and has the most beautiful face and is just perfect from his toes up to his ears,is also pure hearted and is smart and oh is also will lock wood Belongs To Ashanti Conley his amazing Girl friend cause he is the best for Boy Friend ever.
P.s Baby is known be a beast shush.
Will Is Loved .
by shanti is will's February 01, 2011
Will is the latin term for never ending sexiness. This particular man, altough he was passed up for the god of hair products twice, has been voted People Weekly's Sexiest man alive 39 times, tying with Brad Pitt. Although usually nomadic, he is currently setteled in Newport Beach, due to his preference to warm climate. He joined a nudist colony in April, because he felt tan lines were unflattering. Will does not attend school or have any hobbies;
he devotes his time to his looks, trying to become as sexy as humanly possible. His followers have devoted many petitions to him, and he even has gotten nominated for pope but unfortunatly the cardinals found out about the....indescretions..... So in the name of the almost pope, completely gorgeous almost god, lets all get naked.
Jeeze he is such a will that beast!
by Just a follower September 14, 2008
A guy who, if your lucky enough to know, should be treated with respect and love. A guy I love enough to have let go of him. He wants to fit in, but be extraordinary at the same time, and never knew that he might have to choose one or another at some time and he was, when I was lucky enough to even call him a friend, and even now; so special. I love and miss him everyday, but I have to remember that I ruined our relationship. If you have one, do what's best for him, but remember to not let him go 99.99% of the time.
"I pushed that Will away because I didn't want to be around for when his dream girl realized just how perfect he is... I didn't want to become the biggest third wheel ever."
"There goes that Will with his beautiful eyes..."
"That Will's so flawless... Too bad things will never be the same between us because of what I said..."
"I hope Will's dream girl finally goes out with him, so he can be his happiest, whether that's with me or without me in his life."
"I never meant to hurt that Will, but somehow my loser self managed to anyway."
"I let Will go because I knew he'd found girls that I could never fit in with... Girls that could make him 10X happier than I ever could."
by L113 June 17, 2013
Blonde hair, tall, strong, athletic and really hot, you would be crazy to ever let a Will go. A Will is loved by everyone and has a great sense of humor. A Will puts so much effort into relationships and will love u unconditionally. When a Will falls for a girl, he falls very hard. A Will can turn anything you say into something dirty, but can also be very mature. A Will is great to talk to and is very funny. He is loyal, caring, loving and friendly. Any girl is very lucky to ever have a Will in her life. A Will also gives the best hugs.
Girl: Did u know she's dating Will?!
Girl 2: No!!! How lucky is she?!
by X_xXx_X November 19, 2012
someone so awesome that he is pretty cool, and is awesome
will sometomes hangs out with russell, casey, lachlan and chris, he is cool occasionally
by fightin4lulz November 24, 2009

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