Blonde hair, tall, strong, athletic and really hot, you would be crazy to ever let a Will go. A Will is loved by everyone and has a great sense of humor. A Will puts so much effort into relationships and will love u unconditionally. When a Will falls for a girl, he falls very hard. A Will can turn anything you say into something dirty, but can also be very mature. A Will is great to talk to and is very funny. He is loyal, caring, loving and friendly. Any girl is very lucky to ever have a Will in her life. A Will also gives the best hugs.
Girl: Did u know she's dating Will?!
Girl 2: No!!! How lucky is she?!
by X_xXx_X November 19, 2012
A guy who, if your lucky enough to know, should be treated with respect and love. A guy I love enough to have let go of him. He wants to fit in, but be extraordinary at the same time, and never knew that he might have to choose one or another at some time and he was, when I was lucky enough to even call him a friend, and even now; so special. I love and miss him everyday, but I have to remember that I ruined our relationship. If you have one, do what's best for him, but remember to not let him go 99.99% of the time.
"I pushed that Will away because I didn't want to be around for when his dream girl realized just how perfect he is... I didn't want to become the biggest third wheel ever."
"There goes that Will with his beautiful eyes..."
"That Will's so flawless... Too bad things will never be the same between us because of what I said..."
"I hope Will's dream girl finally goes out with him, so he can be his happiest, whether that's with me or without me in his life."
"I never meant to hurt that Will, but somehow my loser self managed to anyway."
"I let Will go because I knew he'd found girls that I could never fit in with... Girls that could make him 10X happier than I ever could."
by L113 June 17, 2013
The worlds most amazing Human being a live to ever step foot on this earth,he is so gorgeous and has the most beautiful face and is just perfect from his toes up to his ears,is also pure hearted and is smart and oh is also will lock wood Belongs To Ashanti Conley his amazing Girl friend cause he is the best for Boy Friend ever.
P.s Baby is known be a beast shush.
Will Is Loved .
by shanti is will's February 01, 2011
someone so awesome that he is pretty cool, and is awesome
will sometomes hangs out with russell, casey, lachlan and chris, he is cool occasionally
by fightin4lulz November 24, 2009
Guys named Will are the sweetest, funniest, and most enjoyable person to be around and hang out with. Wills have bluish green eyes that can leave anybody breathless and smiling like an idiot. They are tall, tan, and very athletic. Wills like to make people laugh and make the best boyfriends. They are protective and caring and they like to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Wills give the most amazing hugs and are awesome kissers. You are very lucky if you have a Will in your life.
by iloveyouu2.12.12. November 22, 2012
Will is a caring, cute, amazing boy that treats women right. You will fall head over heals if you meet one. He is a true gentleman usually with brown hair. If you are lucky enough to have one, never let him go.
Awwwwww I love my will. I smile every time I think about him.
Truly an Angel Warrior --- A man in every sense of the word, whom others aspire to emulate. Passionate in his altruistic endeavors and intensely loving if you are lucky enough to be loved by this man.
What a blessing that Will is ...
by PAW February 05, 2012
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