A brownish, blackish hair'd guy who has a big penis, also is really charming is really nice when around people. He has brown eyes is kinda buff and athletic. He likes making new friends and is really funny and is really easy to get along with.
Wow, Will is just really amazing.
by jeffersonman August 18, 2011
Meaning: protector
He is always there for you. Caring, thoughtful, loving, always looking out for you. He loves to please, is super sweet, and will do anything to make those he loves happy. He won't let you down. He is an accomplished bassist and clarinetist. Loves to play with knifes, but only hurts himself occasionally because he is skilled at knife-flipping. Loves explosions like most members of the male gender. Has a great sense of humor and is very charming. Those of the "Will-type" are usually extremely cute. Girls will fall head over heels for him. They make great boyfriends since they know how to treat a lady the best. You would have to be a fool to let go of someone this special.
I was really down, but Will cheered me up and made me feel special again. I love him so much!
by Micaela64 July 21, 2010
the best friend that a person could ever have, the hottest asian you will ever meet<3 could be cocky, and a douchebag but he's really sweet and you'll be glad to know him. you could tell him anything and he will totally help you with anything. a monstorous creature with a pet named grace kim.
"did you see wills over there?"
"yeah he's going hardcore with grace!"
by themamamamama December 30, 2011
Short for William, Amazing, Green eyes, Brown hair, cute smile.
Knows how to hold you just right, will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Loves to sit in the grass and look at the sky. Will do anything for you, if he thinks it'll be for the best . Would never purposefully hurt you. Will always make you smile even when they're not around sometime you'll just stop and think about them and it'll make you smile. Always smells great, a football player, very buff. But quite a flirt, only thing you need to watch out for is his flirtyness.

Don't ever let him go, if you have him hold on forever, you'll never find another like him. He's perfect.
wow he's perfect, must be a will
by thinkaboutit♥ February 10, 2011
Amazing blue eyes, brown hair, pale skin, glasses. he's the sweetest, kindest, most amazing guy ever.
Will, you are truly amazing.
by purplegirl November 10, 2008
A very sweet guy with blond hair and makes you laugh and feel amazing, a best friend who you can trust forever!The perfect guy.
Will makes me laugh all the time and his smile just lifts me up.
by Casey Pricer May 25, 2011
Blonde hair, tall, strong, athletic and really hot, you would be crazy to ever let a Will go. A Will is loved by everyone and has a great sense of humor. A Will puts so much effort into relationships and will love u unconditionally. When a Will falls for a girl, he falls very hard. A Will can turn anything you say into something dirty, but can also be very mature. A Will is great to talk to and is very funny. He is loyal, caring, loving and friendly. Any girl is very lucky to ever have a Will in her life. A Will also gives the best hugs.
Girl: Did u know she's dating Will?!
Girl 2: No!!! How lucky is she?!
by X_xXx_X November 19, 2012

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