Meaning: protector
He is always there for you. Caring, thoughtful, loving, always looking out for you. He loves to please, is super sweet, and will do anything to make those he loves happy. He won't let you down. He is an accomplished bassist and clarinetist. Loves to play with knifes, but only hurts himself occasionally because he is skilled at knife-flipping. Loves explosions like most members of the male gender. Has a great sense of humor and is very charming. Those of the "Will-type" are usually extremely cute. Girls will fall head over heels for him. They make great boyfriends since they know how to treat a lady the best. You would have to be a fool to let go of someone this special.
I was really down, but Will cheered me up and made me feel special again. I love him so much!
by Micaela64 July 21, 2010
one of the sexiest people beside crii crii ;)
so chea he sexi n all u haters know u wanna do like him
Will is my sexi gardener =]
by cri cri January 22, 2008
The cure to all the world's unhappiness, sorrow, guilt, greed, etc. Will is the cure to every possible malady and sadness. He is the most beautiful man to ever walk the earth. He can make you laugh, cry, and just kiss him until your lips hurt. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone in the world, especially me. He is an actor, a singer, and the best friend and boyfriend a girl could have. Whenever you are around Will you can't think any thought other than a thought about him. When you look in his eyes your body goes numb and you can only focus on breathing. The way he confounds you with his intelligence can make you sit there completely confused. He is, amazing. There is no way you can truly say how much you will love him.
I found my Will.
by Shakespeareslover April 28, 2011
An all around complete stud. The only human being in the world able to defeat Chuck Norris in a fist to fist fight. The girls want him, and the guys want to be him.
Chuck Norris: Will, you really kicked my butt today!
Will: HA! I wasn't even trying!
Hot girl that is a bystander: Have my children Will!
by January 20, 2011
A tall, beautiful man, stylish and unique, shy creative and passionate, A Will spends most of his time doubting himself. A loyal friend although sometimes hurtful due to the restrictions he places on his own emotions. A master guitarist and all round competent musician, a Will would rather spend his days with pieces of wood than a beautiful girl. He is a true appreciator of things with high aesthetic quality but he is not shallow. He is often seen wearing very nice cloths and smelling of wonderful aftershaves. Beautiful yet strangely innocent a Will is sometimes found kissing a tall red headed girl who likes guitars and music just as much as he does.
WOW that guy is nails on the guitar..
yeah thats WILL...
by yiut February 03, 2010
someone who jacks off in the school bathroom and gets caught.
Connor walked in to the bathroom and met a wills.
by Searlesy August 27, 2003
Short, playful, flirty, romantic, sweet, nice smile, kind eyes.
Awkward, loud, damaged, smart but not always book smart.

Honest sometimes, trouble maker, dislikes labels.
Manipulator, girl getter but not keeper, a guy to remember.
She broke Will's heart.
by pseudonym01010101 May 28, 2011
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