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What was I Looking For?

Surfing the web aimlessly, or going off on a tangent whilst looking for something else on the web. Possibly a form of new-age procrastination/distraction.
This is why I am on this website, I have just stumbled across it whilst casually wilf-ing as i have nothing better to do/am avoiding work etc.
by E R D April 15, 2007
92 92
Like a Milf, but for witches.
There are in fact quite a large number of these:
Sabrina the teenage Witch
Nicole Kidman in Bewitched
Witch of the East in Wizard of Oz
Willow in Buffy...

the list goes on!
Sabrina is such a Wilf - definitely would!
by vaderag February 18, 2009
49 45
Wife I'd Like to Fuck
Person 1: Damn that bitch has a nice big ass.
Person 2: I think she is married.
Person 1: She is a WILF. I would fuck her so hard and fast, and won't pull out even after I cum.
by FemaleAssLover September 25, 2010
14 13
Having a wilf, a hissy fit over something.

having a fit, asin being a dick over an event that didnt go your way
"for fuck saaake why always me!"

"calm down pal, stop having a wilf"
by lbg November 09, 2012
1 1
A dog who somehow found fame through appearing in a Scottish Standard Grade exam paper.
Wilf doesn't like to share the tripe and turkey...
by klesk April 29, 2012
0 0
The psychopathic dog from the 2012 Standard Grade General English exam in Scotland. Known to jump off cliffs, not share his food and square up to ewes (despite only being up to their knees). He also has created an internet craze, trending on Twitter and receiving thousands of likes on facebook.
What's wilf? - A little greedy bastard that makes fish and chips cost more than £40.

Why's everyone going on about wilf? - Because everyone else is too stupid for us credit people to go on about the Korous...
by rubbers are for gurls. April 26, 2012
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Witty Woman I'd Like to F^&% - WILF
This term relates to a hot chick you work work with whose wit is only surpassed by her beauty.
'Hey Dude, OMG did you see that chick in the office yesterday, what a dress, she looked so hot!'

Reply 'yeah man, she is the hottest babe, not only that she has a wicked sense of humour, what a WILF!'
by ninjahboi July 23, 2011
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