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Strong, Protector, Lover, Fighter, Warrior. Stay on thier good side! If your a man he can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If your a woman, wrap your arms and legs around him and hold on tight! If he is ambivilent towards you, embrace the fact that you are probably a loser
Damn dude he's a Ron
by BigPimpinDaddy February 03, 2010
triumph; desimates all in its path; very strong
man in that basketball game you played like a ron
by greg steelflex December 03, 2008
Ron is powerful, charming, witty, honest, and caring. Being family oriented, forward, clean, respectful and hard working are some of the best things about a Ron. A Ron is protective of their loved ones, outgoing, resilient, and a good father. Rons make great friends cause they will tell you the truth whether you want it or not. Dont betray a Ron, you will regret it.
That Ron sure is a great dad!
by urmajesty February 02, 2010
Ron works long, steady and at the most detailed level to create masterpieces. A most gifted man with his hands. Ron an amazing lover. Ron is cautious to open his heart and be vulnerable romantically, but when he does, his love radiates through his beautiful and powerful eyes and generous actions. Ron is a focused and realistic person. He thrives in solitude and nature. He is a great host and loves catering to people's visceral joys. A longtime and committed friend.
Ron's passions are motors, electronics, speed, comfort food and lovemaking.
by guess??????????????????? December 18, 2011
Random Orgasmic Noise, made my one of a happy mood. Made usually after hearing some good news, a "ron" traditionally depicts the more feminine orgasm. for a further explanation, see the example.
person 1:"guess what? school gets out in one day!"
person 2:"ohhhhhhhh(orgasm noise)"
person 1:"dude that was a total RON"
by schmuckey MCduckey June 20, 2005
A complete and total chick magnet.
He is such a Ron.
by Pseudonymm July 28, 2013
A man of many talents. The only man to hold the Irish Goose Chasing, Potato Farming and Cricket Ball Hitting Championships simultaneously. Surname unknown.
You hit that a fudging mile, is Ron your coach?
by I Wish I Was Ron April 25, 2011
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