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A family in the story of Harry Potter. There economy status is not comfortable, but Weasleys are kindhearted and helping, especially to Harry. All Weasleys are Gryffindor.
Ron Weasley
Jinny Weasley
by Albert the Fox October 13, 2007
Weasley is the cutest cat in the World but he's a little dumb...
"My cat called Weasley is a little dumb"
by HappyCatWeasley September 05, 2015
a malnourished little bitch who is delicate and smells kind of wrong. rodent like in appearance, and often pimples. they love to don the party g-banger.
squeek u weasley little bitch, quit humping the couch.
by beatrice September 14, 2004
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