Widow I'd Like to Fuck. A recently widowed man or woman who is so hot you find yourself thinking, "Man, that is a widow I'd like to fuck."
At the funeral of a childhood friend while his wife is hanging on to you, crying with a broken heart's desperation with mad gesticulation and gyrations, all you can think is, "I hope I don't sport wood because this is a WILF."
by Chesai August 23, 2006
walrus i'd like to fukk
I would love to eat potato salad out of a wilf's vagina.
by Drew Bruning & Adam Harju April 09, 2007
'Willy I'd like to fondle'

Female version of MILF (or something like that)
"Look at the size of that package - now theres a WILF"
by Photon October 03, 2004
A dude that looks like Will Ferrell, but he's funny so chicks want to bang him.
Hot chick at bar: Wow, that guy's a total WILF. I hope he proceeds to mount me like a wildebeest.
by Willlie September 22, 2007
derived from the word milf; meaning weightlifter id like to fuck.
"Look at those wilfs snatching like no other!"
by wilfs January 06, 2008
Wolfe id like to fuck
Mrs. Wolfe is such a wilf, did u see her clean myg0tkwolfe computer screen?
by Kevin Mcwolfe April 29, 2005
"Whale I'd Like to Fuck"

"Geeze Kyle, look at that WILF".

"Yeah, I'd deffinately do that humpback in the blowhole".
by Mesus June 26, 2006

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