A person of color with all white friends. They do not consider themselves as a hyphenated-American and think of themselves too good to live "in the hood". Though a person of color, they are generally afraid of other people of color, do not date other people of color, and tend to vote Republican.
Rice worked at the White-House and became white-washed.
by xntrc October 11, 2005
Top Definition
A derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. The "White washed" person does not necessarily abandon his/her own culture but rather embrace others beside his/her own. Some people take it as a compliment while others take it as an insult.

Just because I am open minded does not mean I am whitewashed. Get it straight!
by Maxiiee August 01, 2008
An absurd, patronizing term used for non-white (usually black) people who don't fulfill their negative racial stereotypes. This term insultingly implies that one's ethnic identity is mutually exclusive to the lifestyle and respect that a white person can expect in his or her lifetime.
Ignorant D-bag: "Sarah's black and she speaks proper English and pays her bills on time, she's so white washed."
by JumbleJumble April 19, 2011
To be assimilated into the N.A society, forgetting your own language and culture and tries to act like a white person to gain acceptance. Looked down upon both of the cultures he/she supposedly belongs in.
Connie Chung is straight up whitewashed, yo.
Ya, lookit the way she tries to act white. Pathetic
by LeonC July 28, 2003
When a person who isn't white forgets their culture and acts like a white person.
Billy: I'm moving to Texas.
Sally: I hope you don't get whitewashed.
by im a nerd November 20, 2004
A black person who lacks the characteristics associated with black people. In other words a black person who acts like a white person. Often caused by being raised in the suburbs.
Jamal was listening to Jack Johnson on his way to Starbucks, he is so white washed.
by Jackie Chiles June 18, 2008
A term that was created by black people to describe people of color who reject their own culture and history (consciously or subconsciously) to fit into the "mainstream".
He's so whitewashed he doesn't even know who he really is.
by TheSoulWalker April 07, 2015
What blacks call any black person who does one or all of the following:

1.doesn't behave in a loud, ghetto, ignorant, and ebonics-speaking fashion.

2. Doesn't care for rap, hip hop, or other loud booty-shaking music .

3. SDemonstrates a healthy & open attraction/interest towardswhether in friendship or dating] other races or cultures besides their own.

4. Is of mixed race and openly claims it.

Basically any African American who acts like a civilized, courteous, open minded and coherent member of society.
According to most blacks, because I am quieter/calmer, acknowledge both my mulatto black AND white racial heritage, prefer rock, techno, industrial, and country music over rap, use words with more than 2 syllables , and hang out with friends of white background I am white-washed and betraying my race.
by that1biracialchick May 20, 2012
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