a term used to describe people deemed not proud of their racial heritage because of how they dress or act.
God, she's so white-washed.
by fcukyeahitsme November 12, 2010
A person of color with all white friends. They do not consider themselves as a hyphenated-American and think of themselves too good to live "in the hood". Though a person of color, they are generally afraid of other people of color, do not date other people of color, and tend to vote Republican.
Rice worked at the White-House and became white-washed.
by xntrc October 11, 2005
When a person puts a roll of toilet paper in another persons washing machine so that when they wash their clothes they get covered in white fuzz.

Dude: whats all this white stuff all over my clothes?
Bro: I think we've been white washed dude.
by dragonkingdom September 13, 2011
What a black person is called, when they either look or act white, and their "blackness" is washed away, leaving white, they can also be seen as an OREO.
Girl 1: Daayumm, that girls like an oreo.
Girl 2: Yezzir, she black on the outside and white inside.
Girl 1 & 2(in unison): WHITEWASHEDD!!
by MrsCaarterr June 28, 2009
When a female performs oral sex while traveling in an automobile, while the male finishes in her mouth and she spits it out of the moving vehicle to only get hit back in the face with it.
" Me and Daniel had a great time traveling up north, the amount of whitewash was amazing. I got white washed 10 times!
by jimjacknuts June 01, 2011
Brainwashed by apple into thinking apple products are actually worth the exorbitantly high price and that they are superior to everything in creation. Most people who are whitewashed come to rely on the simplicity of their apple branded products, and as such can never be rehabilitated to use something more complex, for instance a mouse with 2 buttons.
James was Whitewashed into believing that his iPod, iMac, iTurd, iPaid (alot) and iCantBelieveIPaidThisMuch were superior to all the alternatives.
by D15L3X51CK May 27, 2008
gittin blasted by snowballs
guy: dont look now!
chick: *turns around* hmm?
guy: *throws his big white balls in her face*
by *Arkz* June 26, 2005

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