is a name for a small lanky guy who would rather fly than fight, always happens to get into bad situations and does anything to get out of also enjoys soft foods like jelly and custard.
hey weasel get back here
by The Advantageous DJ & Salazar March 17, 2011
A small furry animals, by definition the size of a horses' erect penis.
She pet it because she thought it was a weasel, but then realized it was a horses erect penis.
by yyachub1 September 26, 2010
To abruptly initiate awkward or weird motions/actions that irritate, annoy or offend the general public.
Jason is such a weasel.
by lillebron November 09, 2009
a small, annoying, person who dyes thier fringe blue and thinks thier clever! NOT! Also they think they're cool and good at everything.
Josh moran is a weasel
by Dave davisson February 20, 2008
A fuzzy penis that looks like a weasel.
Someone pet Norman's weasel!
by Spanky McSpankers December 25, 2007
An English version of American 'bases'. Another way of talking about sexual experiences. The head is pulling, the tail is anal sex, the body is sex, the right side is female, left side is male, arms are for sexual stimulation using hands, legs are for oral stimulation.
She lost her right arm to him. (she was fingered)
by Vivica69 May 04, 2005
1. A person who gets paid to sit on their ass by taxpayers by claiming to be "disabled". 2. A person who is spoon-fed and selfish. 3. A sneaky person who does not contribute anything to society. 4. A person who makes a living suing people.
My next door neighbor Mike Taylor is a weasel. Mike Taylor is a worthless piece of shit, therefore he is a weasel.
Mike Taylor sues a garbage company for causing a fence to collapse when the garbage man drives through the alley to collect the garbage for $3,000 for a 15-year old fence that is worth $100. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.

Mike Taylor does not care about working, he feels that he is the only one that should be paid to sit on their ass.
He feels that other people should be working and supporting him. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.
by Omar Hacallar May 10, 2004

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