Dodgy geezer who snorts crack
"yea man that kids well terse"
by Mark Kelly December 01, 2004
He's hott...better looking then you anyways...and he's all pimpin' and shit...yeah u know he's DA WEASEL and none other shall be me!
Hott chick 1:I got a date with Weasel tonight!
Hott chick 2:then its a double date...I'm datin him too!
Hott chick 3:Tripple
by Matt "Weasel" Hancock May 02, 2004
anoying brat called loulabel who luvs prince
weasel cant get anuf of jasons mum
by Holy September 15, 2004
A small, Chihuahua-like man.
Franco is such a little weasel.
by Cid April 30, 2003
A guy that spends all of his time trying desperately to get some poon. Weaseling his way into a girls pants.
Dave is such a weasel, he stopped playing football the other day because he wanted to try and get some poon.
#ferret #badger #bros before hoe's #weasle #aidan
by urban dick May 17, 2006
Weasel is someones penis basically
I have a huge weasel
look at the size of his weasel
by Scotty-0 March 06, 2003
The weapon of choice of the religion of Meesism.
I'ma send that guy a box of crazed, rabid, horny weasels if he doesn't shut up!
by Lok Reaver February 16, 2004
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