The act of using a one hitter as a roach clip to hold the end of a roach.
Dude lets weasel that shit.
by Dr. Wez September 07, 2009
A small sometimes bent furry penis often given large hibernation periods of non use. Often the owner tends to rely on self petting than others being allowed to pop it.
Dan "ahh pop goes the weasel"
by chubby bear56437 August 27, 2009
a moderatly attractive member of the opposite sex(but nothing to brag about)whose partner will do almost anything for them.
Yo son is yo bro still dating that chick? Yeah that weasel has him whipped like a slave.
by blown carbs November 18, 2008
A tall, lanky creature, particularly with brown long hair. Evil lying green eyes, with big sucker lips. Resembles a cheerleading dog, and likes to weasel itself out of being a weasel.
Josh, quit being such a fucking WEASEL ! If you look like a weasel, talk like a weasel, and walk like a weasel, you're a damn weasel.
by Kalphat January 09, 2008
An utterly odious type of vermin usually found hovering around leak detectors. This creature can not be trusted around Sheep or small animals. A distant cousin of the Shawn, which is indiginous to Ireland and other third world countries
The Weasel caused much hate and discontent in the Service Department.
by LarryD November 23, 2006
male penis, usually used in a derogatory manner.
That fucker had the smallest weasel I ever saw in my life, and it was shaved too..
by Cinna January 05, 2005
The Weasel AKA "La Rata" is an accomplice of Nooger. Weasel's are recognized by a bald odd shaped head and inferior sun glasses. Although not as deadly as a Nooger it is still a force to be reckoned with.
"Archeologists discover what seem to be the remains of a Weasel."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
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