taking out ur teeth and giving someone a gum job.
Weasel hooked me up last night
by ruedog October 01, 2007
An English version of American 'bases'. Another way of talking about sexual experiences. The head is pulling, the tail is anal sex, the body is sex, the right side is female, left side is male, arms are for sexual stimulation using hands, legs are for oral stimulation.
She lost her right arm to him. (she was fingered)
by Vivica69 May 04, 2005
1. A person who gets paid to sit on their ass by taxpayers by claiming to be "disabled". 2. A person who is spoon-fed and selfish. 3. A sneaky person who does not contribute anything to society. 4. A person who makes a living suing people.
My next door neighbor Mike Taylor is a weasel. Mike Taylor is a worthless piece of shit, therefore he is a weasel.
Mike Taylor sues a garbage company for causing a fence to collapse when the garbage man drives through the alley to collect the garbage for $3,000 for a 15-year old fence that is worth $100. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.

Mike Taylor does not care about working, he feels that he is the only one that should be paid to sit on their ass.
He feels that other people should be working and supporting him. Therefore, Mike Taylor is a weasel.
by Omar Hacallar May 10, 2004
a horrifically obvious toupee
Look at the weasel on that dudes head. Oops the chimp fucker heard me.
by Tumbleweed November 25, 2003
a person thinking doodles are totally awesome! and that rides horses with a hunchback and piano hands. the "april babies" hate them.

weasel stomping day is their national holiday.
that stupid weasel is obbsessed with doodles!

that stupid weasel cant ride a horse.
by doodleoutttttt June 17, 2009
A small rodent that thrives by stealing bull testicles and selling them as rocky mountain oysters.
Billy Bob:those damn weasels got to my new bull this mornin'
Jethro: Oh really?
Billy Bob: Yup, stole his cahoneys right out from underneet him.
Jethro: those damn weasels!
by fowzilla December 04, 2003
See aaron
YO weasel, Sup in the house my home-dawg?
by Weasel October 18, 2003
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