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a moderatly attractive member of the opposite sex(but nothing to brag about)whose partner will do almost anything for them.
Yo son is yo bro still dating that chick? Yeah that weasel has him whipped like a slave.
by blown carbs November 18, 2008
An utterly odious type of vermin usually found hovering around leak detectors. This creature can not be trusted around Sheep or small animals. A distant cousin of the Shawn, which is indiginous to Ireland and other third world countries
The Weasel caused much hate and discontent in the Service Department.
by LarryD November 23, 2006
If a person wants to get in there with somebody else and tries then they are said to be weaseling them. Weaseling could be anything from texting to pulling to going out with them.
You're such a weasel!

Are you weaseling hannah?

I think you should weasel her...
by 4u2nv May 22, 2005
The Weasel AKA "La Rata" is an accomplice of Nooger. Weasel's are recognized by a bald odd shaped head and inferior sun glasses. Although not as deadly as a Nooger it is still a force to be reckoned with.
"Archeologists discover what seem to be the remains of a Weasel."
by Lord Rodericus August 13, 2003
A very skinny ratlike animal who likes to eat other rodents. Also used as a name to use behind your crush's back if their name is wesley.
Your friend: Hey did you just see your crush???
Me: Yea, weasel is soo cute!!!
by theghettominnymouse February 29, 2012
When a guy asks his girlfriend, "What animal do I remind you of" and she says something ugly, then she feels bad, and fucks him.
Katie told Randy that he looked like a douche and then gave him a weasel.
by Scuttle King April 16, 2011
is a name for a small lanky guy who would rather fly than fight, always happens to get into bad situations and does anything to get out of also enjoys soft foods like jelly and custard.
hey weasel get back here
by The Advantageous DJ & Salazar March 17, 2011