90s Brooklyn slang for gun.
refer to the song Da King & I -Krack Da Weazel Weasel
by spr1000 October 21, 2011
A weasel is a young skinny white male age 14 to 21, often wearing skater type clothes including a hoodie. Sometimes they carry skateboards or drive tricked-out Hondas Civics.
Some carry wallets with long chains.
Look at those weasels with their skateboards in the parking lot.
by NAVYTOWNROGER June 15, 2010
A euphemism for the penis, particularly if the owner is keen on sneaking it into restricted or difficult-to-access places. It is generally hoped by the owner that the weasel will be attended to by a weasel-teaser
Dave: Dude, did you see the awesome chick Tim hooked up with last night?

Boris: Yeah man, that guy knows how to work his weasel!
by The Noceros February 19, 2010
Weasels are manifestations of the impending chores which await you in times of stress. They are usually most prevalent on a sunday afternoon when, instead of being able to relax, the constant thought of shopping, washing, homework or the upcoming week beginning the following morning render you uncappable of pleasant feelings.
Dale: Goodness gracious me, I have such bad study weasels!

Marco: whats up dude?

Dale: I have a test tomorrow morning.

Dale: EEHHH i have such hectic shopping weasels!

Barry: Whats wrong?

Dale: I have procrastibating all day, and I have nothing in the fridge and I have such bad munchies, after an hour spent in the xen Garden
by Bazzabug October 16, 2009
see Pauly Shore, the one and only, bud.
chillin with the weasel!
by Koa June 02, 2006
A very skinny ratlike animal who likes to eat other rodents. Also used as a name to use behind your crush's back if their name is wesley.
Your friend: Hey did you just see your crush???
Me: Yea, weasel is soo cute!!!
by theghettominnymouse February 29, 2012
To abruptly initiate awkward or weird motions/actions that irritate, annoy or offend the general public.
Jason is such a weasel.
by lillebron November 09, 2009
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