Generic phrase used in all cultures to denote the ending of a relationship and the final dispersement of common property. Tip of the iceberg.
Call me. We need to talk. It's okay.
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
I need to dump you, and it's suddenly "our" problem/fault. Often said to be a girl phrase, is in fact used just as often by guys. When employed in e-mail, is an attempt to simultaneously sever e-mail contact and preclude actual "talk"...
emails: We need to talk. I'll call you.
Never quite summons up courage to call. Hopes like hell she won't e-mail or ring, and that he can skulk off into the night. Sign of cowardice, therefore an automatic disqualifier when it comes to relationship material...
by Robina22 October 18, 2005
when you walk in to your house and ur mother is sitting on the in a chair crying. and ur father is holding a baggy and pipe combo. Then u here them say son "we need to talk" advice’ either turn and hall ass as fast as u can down the block or stay there and take you ass kickin like a man. normaly when u hear the line "we need to talk it means your in for a long night.
"hey babe hows it goin. uhh we need to talk." that normaly means that your girl friend or soon to be x girlfriend has another guy picked out and ready to ride him and you ass is gettin kicked to the curb! so if u here"we need to talk" that means nothing good it to come. best o put on ear muffs and walk away. because ur either gettin bitched at or dumped.
father,"nate we need to talk"
father,"i cant believe u brought this shit in to my house. ur not my son."
nate,"thats nothing compared to what u use to have."
father,"get over here u little son of a whore ur dead i fuckin hate u!","your going to rehab"
thats pretty much what happen at my house last night
by nate dogg March 07, 2005
I'm gonna drop you like a sack of potatoes.
Guy: "Ummm, hi Sallie, I really like you."

Sallie: "We need to talk!"
by D M February 10, 2004
It means someone needs to talk to you. Or if your penis is inable of pleasuring a woman, it COULD mean something else.
Hey, we need to talk. I think I have a plan for robbing that bank.

-Hey. We need to talk, about last night... Yea. You know. That fives minutes. YEA that five minutes.
by Ahmose October 16, 2003
prelude to the end of a relationship, "we need to talk" allows someone to move into the reasons for the break-up before the shouting can begin.
We need to talk, David. You're an asshole and I think we should see other people. (It's best for both of us)
by Chris September 22, 2003
A woman's way of addressing an issue with her boyfriend/husband generally resulting in the boyfriend/husband first breaking out into a sweat/rash/hives and then being severly punished (dumped) for whatever they did wrong
After Mike called Sandy a whore at the opera, Sandy told Mike "we need to talk"
by Dyanna September 21, 2003
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