synonym: i'm dumping you, i'm sleeping with someone else, you're screwed
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
the WORSE combination of four words in the dictionary. usually implies the future action in a realtionship aka, hes dumping you.
Jack- Betty, we need to talk.
Betty- oh shit
by Ninj4 October 14, 2003
1) your fucked
2) the wife found your collection of porn
situation: the girlfriend walks in on you beating off

girlfriend: we need to talk
man: aww fuck
by bigmanoncampus September 22, 2003
Its over
Man-Step up bitch fo shizzel ma nizzle.
Woman-We need to talk.
by A September 20, 2003
The four worst words in the english language. Either that or "whose bra is this?"
Woman: David, we need to talk.
Dave: FUCK!
by REID April 18, 2004
I'm leaving you, shmuck.
We need to talk. I'm moving back with my Mom.
by ase September 22, 2003
1. You're screwed because your significant other has been fucking the plumber for the past 12 months.

2 You're screwed because your boss is going to bitch at you for doing your job, or, as he sees it, not doing enough to "further company productivity", probably by giving him head.
1. We need to talk Al. You're just not as good in bed as your brother, who, incedentally, I started screwing two days after we met.

2. We need to talk Al. You haven't been working 10 hours overtime a week for no pay, filing in your copious spare time, or doing anything else so insanely outside of your job description or beneath your skill -level that I can be happy with you.
by Al October 14, 2003

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