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Greeting girls use when starting a text or IM conversation with a guy they like.
Dude, she sent 'heyy' with two y's. She definitely wants my penis.
by Princess Pansy October 07, 2010
pre-teen and teenage girls usually add extra endings to their words, a fad that started with myspace shit, and now if you type in 'hi' in AIM, you will get "heyyyyy" as a response. it's bastardizing the English language.
Tom: Hi Emily!

Emily:oo heyyyyy

Tom: ...I thought you were an English major

Emily: omg ur a fucking jerkkk

Tom: hmm...Jerk KKK? is that a hidden message that your in the kkk...?

Emily: wait...whattttt

by Farahd May 24, 2008
A stupid way that near-pubescent girls adress you in any case that involves typing.
Girl: "heyy! u wana go outwith me?"
Kid: "No thanks, I'm gay."
by Jimmison August 02, 2006
a more sexual version of hey,
don't get confused with heey which is a more friendly version of hey and has no sexual reference.
watch out though it could just be a spelling error.
Austin;hey whats up
Sarah;heyy, nm taking a shower
Austin; cool, can I come over later?
Sarah;Can you come now? i have a surprise for you
by A. VanDerStarren March 22, 2009
"Hey you". An friendlier, slightly affectionate version of "hey"
Heyy, how's it going?
by red eft January 23, 2008
She wants the dick nigga!
Slut#1: Heyy
Guy#1: Yo
Guys friend#1: yo she wants the dick bruh
by Poon_slayer69 November 11, 2014
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