Wayne is a large boy on aproximate scale to the size of a baby whale. They are generally very hairy on the front but not so much on the back. They have 3 testicles all of which are in use. He is fun, caring and an outgoing person and is attracted by both men and women. Not afraid to get naked this guy is my best friend and I love him lots, but the fear of being heartbroken and being put down is what keeps me from going into a full time relationship. But I think ur amazing and I love u xx
My gorgeous 3 balled wayne
by lozzaprozza16 June 16, 2011
Slang for cannabis that can be easily used in any situation. Short for mariwaynea, a mispronunciation of marijuana. You can use it in front of parents/bosses/teachers/security and they'll just think you're talking about a guy.

Popular among youth in the northwest.
Wanna go hang out with wayne?

Wayne and I are best friends.
by sponigga January 06, 2009
a name that can be inserted into any song, film title or television programme. in fact anything and it makes it funny
waynedrops keep falling on my head. live and let wayne,
wayne, wayne, wayne
wayne, wayne. wayne
wayne, wayne
by Beefy March 15, 2004
a penis
woah! look at his wayne!
by Nicholas drew robertson February 15, 2009
a word created to those who set him as an example of whom they don't want to be. A woman basher, ragic psycho, sckitzo, sex maniac, self centered asshole, a man who acts like a teenager, late 20s who hasn't achieved anything in his life.
by scuttlebum September 25, 2009
a narcotic relativly known as cocaine,
can also be called "Wayne"
let's go hit up our boi and get sum wayne.
by Country Wayne January 04, 2009
In Pittsburgh "wayne" is used as slang for cigarette.
Can a bum a wayme?
We were just chillin at the bar and this skeezer walked up and asked for a wayne.
Yo, I'm almost outta waynes be need to hit up Co Go's B.
by FreshJonsun June 29, 2005

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