A guy, probably the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He will sweep you off your feet from day one, surprise you, love you and treasure you. He will treat you like a princess and respect you, wait for you and make you feel like you can trust him until the end of your days. He will call you beautiful everyday until you start to believe it yourself, carry you through every problem, and be that shoulder to lean on whenever you need him.

Just seeing him makes you smile, his laugh makes your heart melt and his eyes are the most beautiful things you have ever seen.

Also, he smells like fucking jesus.
Person A: Hey, you are such a Wayne.
Person B: Thank you for the compliment. ;)
#wayne #amazing #guy #ahhhh #adorable #ily
by inthenightgarden August 02, 2013
"Wagon Maker" A creative genius who needs only the application of the mind to accomplish what others dare not begin...
"So I wrote another novel today"
"What was your inspiration?"
"Wayne made me do it..."
#wise #creative #outgoing #wonderer #adventurer
by HBing February 04, 2010
Waynes are creatures that grow hobo beards. You'll know you see a Wayne if they are stoned and have pubic hair on their chin. Wayne is a deceitful creature. They have a sharp sense of smell, which is devloped through years of body odor from not showering. A Wayne's eyes are peircing, like snake eyes. Some believe they can see through your soul. Recent studies have proven that Waynes only think they can see through your soul. If you find a Wayne, you shouldn't approach it. If it approaches you, don't make sudden movements. A Wayne is unathletic, skinny, and pale. You can usually outrun them if you run in zig-zags. Waynes dress very metro. They take pictures in front of Chino. Often quite ugly and rude, if you see one leave immediately and donot make eye contact. Often seen in hippy vans getting high.
Man what is that over there?!

Thats a Wayne, run!
#ugly #wayne #blinding #stoned #dumbass
by Zatelyn August 04, 2013
It's like when they are too cool for a name or words, so they are called waynes, it's the only sensible name for something soo super cool
"Oh, hes such a waynes alberto soy"
#waynes #super cool #soy #alberto #cool beans
by Mr.Ching June 14, 2009
"wow" or "damn" in dominican/colombian/panamanian slang
-wayneeeee mira esa tipa!

-damn look at that girl! (in english)
#dominican #colombian #mateo y franco #juanito marron damn #wow
by mateoyfranco May 24, 2011
Term used throughout Ireland meaning children.

I believe it comes from the combination of 'wee' and 'un'.

Wee meaning small and un being a lazy way to say one.

So that wee un evolved into wayne. Just one syllable now.
What are dem dere waynes at?

What are those children doing?
#waynes #wayne #wee #weeun #weeuns
by LexSteel85 September 22, 2009
A sexually active, promiscuous, younger man who often wears a lot of flashy jackets, has greased down, or spiked up hair. He is well known at most health clinics and may have an STD named after him in his honor. He's known to many girls as the greasy guy at the end of the bar that gives away free Roofie Coladas.His current relationships are always strained due current greasing and past encounters with girlfriends or gypsy's.
That guy is such a Wayne he's hitting on girls like the world is ending.
#wayne #cheater #greasy #foundindarkalley #dumpsterfuck
by saltydawg69 September 10, 2012
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