(noun) slang used in Vancouver (CA) circa 2004 used to describe a person that is a total jerk. one whom is unkind and disrespectful. a wayne is an individual that will gladly ruin your day.
"dude! you're such a Wayne!"

"i told you that guy's a Wayne"

(in a frustrated voice) "frikking wayne!"
by btarded January 06, 2009
any young male that drives an escort with go-faster stripes and a massive spoiler. You can normally hear them driving round in city centre car parks playing shit music really loud..

see also barry
eere, look at wayne in his turrboo!!
by m0nk3y June 23, 2004
n00b, n00bular, n00btastic, n00b sauce
'Why does this song suck so bad?' - girl
'Cause Wayne's here.'
by maxiney January 16, 2008
The typical name for a chav pikey townie ned kev. Usually has a girlfriend called Sharron, lives on a council estate and drives either a Ford Escort or a Vauxhall Nova.
Barry: Hey Wayne, let's go cruising round town in our shitty car and shout at young skanky girls.
Wayne: Yeah nice one Barry, we're fucking ace!
Random Passer By: What a complete pair of chavs!
by Jim July 19, 2004
A short hand term for a man called Wayne Ker which then implies the term Wanker.
Alright Wayne how ya doing today ?
by Necroscope August 20, 2003
A kid who is twelve but still where diapers and shits himself. He has no friends and is about 4ft tall and has glasses. He is asian.
Girl 1: Eww it smells bad over here.
Guy1: I know, its cuz wayne is standing there
by pooface77776677peepoo December 08, 2008
A scrawny, nerdy, caucasin male; obsessed with video games; wears computer humor shirts and shirts from the 80's to try and be cool and act ghetto. Also drives a 240sx, because he thinks it's cool and everyone else is doing it. Proceed with caution: shoot at first sight.
Boy: Hey, wanna com over and play video games?
Girl: Umm.. no thanks.
Other Boy: You're such a flip'n wayne. GOSH!
by not wayne January 06, 2005

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