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Used to describe those who love to create things in their spare time (often electronic, often with their own hands). Also called Hobbyists. The term is popular in the open hardware and hardware hacking electronics communities.
A: So, you going to the Maker's faire next week?
B: Totally! What maker in his right mind wouldn't be there?
#maker #electronics #geek #hobbyist #adafruit
by WordMaker February 02, 2013
A type of punch or swing. Short for Haymaker.
"Yeah, you see dude get knocked out? Ya boy threw a hella maker and broke his jaw!"
#haymaker #punch #swing #knockout #broke off
by Y.R. December 09, 2007
A maker is the parent of a newly made vampire. A maker has status in the vampire community.
Bill was ordered to become Jessica's maker by the Majester as his sentence at the Vampire tribunal.
#maker #vampire #true blood #majester #bill compton
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
to make her hate you
a girl said that she would maker with a girl you liked
#f #g #h #j #k
by rebel#4 September 25, 2011
A man whore who is losing all of his friends because he is dating and sexting too much and doesnt care
Dave is such a maker right now. I dont wanna hang out with him anymore
#whore #sexting #friends #ass #pimp
by Dovahsheep June 06, 2012
Mean Ole Op in Ishin-digital. The biggest loser in town. Yes.. that's right.
#ishin-digital on irc server
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
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