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To Shot-gun a beer. To poke a hole at the base of a beer can and raise to the lips then pull the tab and drink.
Hey guys, s.g. a beer with me.
by the_doc October 01, 2006
To get drunk, To drink a copious amount of alcohol
"Whoa, this guy is gonna past out in a ditch, he must be wayned."
by the_doc October 01, 2006
adj, term used by gamers and l33t hacksors. describes someone, or something that owns you, or anything. Has many possible usages.
Those goggles look syphonic. You must be gaming online and pwning n00bs.
by the_doc December 11, 2006
The expression that Larry the Cable Guy uses. Means to fuck, get drunk, get ripped, etc. it basically works for anything of that sort.
Ryan: "Yo Tony, finish off that 2/6 and lets bounce."
Drew: "Ya Tony, Git-er-done!!"

Bryce: "Hey Tony, I think that chick over there is checkin you out... Git-er-done!"
by the_doc October 07, 2006
literal - Pass Out Victim, Someone who passes out due to intoxication of any kind, normally alcohol.
"Andrew is now a P.O.V. on the floor."
by the_doc October 06, 2006
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