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1. Similar to when people get mossed, people get wayne'd
(refers to indianapolis colts receiver reggie wayne), who is just that much better than randy moss
Person one: Yeah bro, we were playing football, i jumped up three feet in the air,and caught it one handed.


beastownedmossedpeyton manningjim caldwellboss
by reggiewayneonthemhoes March 07, 2010
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To be under the influence of alchohol.
"Let's go get wayned."
"I'm soo wayned!"
by God March 28, 2005
Being duped, tricked, hoodwinked into thinking one thing but having the exact opposite actually occur
I waited and waited for the phone call that never came, i guess i was Wayned.

I Wayned that guy out of 20 bucks.

She was Wayned at the altar.
by musqueam May 27, 2009
To get drunk, To drink a copious amount of alcohol
"Whoa, this guy is gonna past out in a ditch, he must be wayned."
by the_doc October 01, 2006
1. The feeling of helplessness that occurs after being screwed over by Wayne State University
1. Class schedule: 'incomplete'

Administrator: Sorry, the classes you have selected are full, please register for them next semester.

You: But I submitted all of the paperwork to you early!

Administrator: Oh, I lost it. Too bad for you.

You: fml. just got wayned.

2. Administrator: you must pay $200 in late fees. your tuition was late

you: I paid it on time, the exact amount you told me to.

Admin:That was the wrong number. You should have double checked with me 'later'.

You: what?

Admin: $200. Now.

You: fml. wayned again.
by jolly_rancher5 April 05, 2014
Getting scuttled on copious amounts of alcohol.
"Oh god, my head is killing me."
"Me and the girls got Wayned last night on some Woodstock."
"Did you get a root?"
by Rollergirl November 03, 2005

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