A sexually active, promiscuous, younger man who often wears a lot of flashy jackets, has greased down, or spiked up hair. He is well known at most health clinics and may have an STD named after him in his honor. He's known to many girls as the greasy guy at the end of the bar that gives away free Roofie Coladas.His current relationships are always strained due current greasing and past encounters with girlfriends or gypsy's.
That guy is such a Wayne he's hitting on girls like the world is ending.
by saltydawg69 September 10, 2012
A unit of measurement for quantifying the goodness or badness of someone or something.

Usually expressed on a scale of one to five, with one being not all that good and five being very good. In this schema, the word is used with the modifying adjective "up."

Conversely, can be paired with the modifying adjective "down"
to express how bad something or someone is, with one indicating pretty bad and five meaning unbelievably awful.

Very similar to the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" schema commonly used by the unimaginative, but any time waynes are brought into the picture the intensity of the message is increased by a factor of ten trillion.
Did you see that Meghan McCain chick? Man I give her five waynes up.

Ugh did you see that nasty old Sarah Palin grandma? Five waynes down!
by Definitely Not Wayne August 22, 2009
Wayne is a typical wealthy suburban community in Passaic County, bordering Bergen County. Most of the town has money, but the rest of Wayne merely pretends with thirty year mortgages and leased luxury cars, or live in the trailer park in the flood section feeding off our parents tax money to attend Wayne schools. Wayne is over 90% white which makes ignorant people freak out when they see someone of color walking down the street, unless its someones house cleaner or landscaper. Why go to Paterson or Newark to get drugs when all you have to do is find a gathering of BMW's and Mercedes' full of 17 yr olds who are willing to dish it out locally. Wayne is a breeding ground for materialistic self-centered people, but we don't care ;)
"Let's go to Wayne and get some rich white girl punani"

"Honey, is that a black family moving into that house?"
"No, its just the neighbors landscapers..."
"Oh thank god...!"
by Kate Demereux March 17, 2006
a man of extreme weight
waynes a fatass
by Pyat May 23, 2012
He is a guy who enjoys living in the each day, never forgetting about yesterday, and also never aware of tomorrow. Charming, great artist, kind-hearted, my soulmate. I wish he could have been a good dad, but hey no one is perfect! He does great tattoo work!! Miss you
Wayne: (Swervin' his ex's uncle's escort) "Hey, you know it's raining girl?? Can I give you a ride?"

Girl: "No thanks" (Long bus ride to and from the bank.)

Wayne: (Still driving around) I won't bite! Can I give you a ride?

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning??? A or B
by U'NO September 26, 2011
Derived from the term - Wanker, a wayne is commonly used to name a person who has wanker type qualities.
"Yo Bruce, you bailing on me tonight again for your mrs?"
- "Yeah...sorry dude"
"You're such a Wayne!"

"Can't believe Mark didn't even bother calling, what a wayne!"

"Stop being a wayne! Just come!"
by Bruce face April 10, 2012
1. Someone who makes deals, breaks them, and then steals from you. ~T~

2. Someone of Mexican decent - who also steals. ~R~
You stole my iPod; you are such a Wayne.
by TomRich August 02, 2010

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