Verb: A verb to describe a male or female that is ugly, poor or dumb.
"Erh blad, that breres a wasteman!"
by ShankMe February 10, 2006
Two versions of waste :

1. Someone who is jus a waste of space.

2. Someone who acts odd or wierd but in a funny way for them. They are different and see things differently. This version originated in Bishop Douglass School in Barnet.

1. Laura: I cant believe he still aint got a job
Paris: Hes waste man.

Random girl walks in

Random girl: i lashed three boys today
Laura & Paris: Errrrrr your a waste girl.

2. Paris walks up to Rival.

Paris: DEOXYRYBONUCLEIC ACID!!!!!! (this means DNA)
Rival: :O Why would you do that ? Your Actually WASTE!

P.S: The two girls writing this are also actually waste! (the second version)
by Paris And Laura =D December 31, 2007
An attractive lesbian
Portia de Rossi is a waste
by Boris Olafski May 18, 2007
meeting for an hour and a half to discuss whether you are or are not allowed to have shot glasses or alcohol posters in your dorms at a South Jersey college.
"It is a waste to discuss banning Absolout posters!"
by Barry G. August 26, 2004
a faculty member of the central bergen county catholic daycare. Also, a synonym for daycare.
Our WASTE of a babysitter stapled a copy of the answer key to each of our tests.
by GabeTycho May 11, 2004
something or someone who is lazy or does not want to do what you want them to.
oli can u pass me the rizla?
coma no it's too far
oli waste


ben shbi did u pick up?
shbi nah
ben your waste bruv
by basko July 14, 2006
A "DarkNet" program that allows users to privatly send each other files that are encrypted. Also allows for bouncing files off a third party on the network if a direct connection between parties cannot be established.
I used the l33t program waste to send my buddy a copy of Blood Guys 3.
by NeoBob November 19, 2003

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