All kinds of Drugs
They was transporting waste from the South to the Golden State
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
the act of disposing doop
That is SUCH a waste of doop.
by Jezca January 21, 2003
(n) A foxy man who likes the cock and won't poke a fupa & thighbrow sporting dame, hood rat, ho beast or Lincoln Park trixie.
"I grabbed that hot guy AJ's ass, and he had absolutely no reaction to my advances. He like the mens, whatta waste." - Laura
by Faye Runaway March 31, 2006
(Verb) New Orleans urban verbiage for "to spill/drop/pour out", especially by accident.
He was so drunk that he wasted his daiquiri all over the floor.
by nola2014 November 05, 2014
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