Epithet used as a marketing ploy by certain so-called rappers with limited rhyming skills and a marked lack of creativity.
Damn I don't have an original point of view or any legitimate way to differentiate myself from lame ass Ja Rule. I know I'll write a weak ass song about him being a "wanksta" and make sure everyone knows that I got shot 9 times so as to distract white suburban kids from my sub par rhymes and have them all on my jock! Maybe someone who doesn't have the slightest idea about hip-hop will prematurely compare me to Tupac.
by Jaime February 24, 2004
A Wanksta is a bitch ass studio gangsta, not the real deal gangsta like scarface, but more like peter brady.
You claim to be a gangsta, but your a fake ass wanksta.
by bo jangles March 09, 2003
A studio gangasta; a person who spits a lotta shit on wax but never delivers.
You say you gangsta, but you neva pop nuthin, u just a wanksta and you nedda stop frontin.
by Duble-R January 30, 2003
A person who acts like he a gangsta but instead of gang-bangin he just sits home and wanks off.
by Bugzy TechKilla August 07, 2003
Synonym for "gangsta", designed to highlight the fact that gangstas are almost invariably wankers.
Gasgsta = Wanker

Wanker = Gangsta

Wanksta = Wanksta
by Da Troooth October 05, 2008
You have to ACT like a gangsta to be a wanksta. So people like em, nelly and puff arent wankstas cuz they never acted gangsta.
Ja Rule and the rest of Murder inc.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
Ganstas wannabe's brought to this country since the begining of the 16th century. KKK and other stupid white americans like him were to stupid to think african culture would affect this countries culture. What culture? It never had one.
by KKK hater May 12, 2003
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