a person who tries way too hard to be thug and hard but in reality would never bust a grape in a fruit fight(they're soft)...They often throw random mood swings and act cocky in large groups because they think it will increase their "steet credibility" but really just shows they're phony...A wanksta is not always a white person but many times a person of color..especially if brought up in a mainly white neighborhood and/or in a wealthy household.
1."Is that Tariq Miller fella for real or is he just joking around?"
"he's a wanksta dude...don't pay attention to that fool."

2."whats up with that white dude throwing tantrums at all the customers?"
"hes trying to prove hes hard but hes just a wanksta"
by Abdul Rasheed September 24, 2005
A Wanksta is simply a "WANNABE GANGSTA"...ie, someone who WANTS to be a Gangsta but never really does anything to deserve the title.

Wannabe + Gangsta = Wanksta
"He's no real threat...He acts all Gangsta, but he's jist a Wanksta"
by Booya Radley October 27, 2005
A person who acts like a gangster of any race. This does not refer to white people acting black (wiggers) it is simply anyone who looks in the mirror and sees a gangster looking back, when everyone else sees a dick head!
Al Pacino (Tony Montana) who is white is a true gangster! and no wanksta
by qwerty123 February 04, 2006
an ordinary faker choosing to pose as a gangsta; often a DORK who either doesn't understand what they want, or, more often, knows what they want but decides every day to ignore their reasonable wants and needs for the sake of appearing "cool" and "hard," which never works out for them in any way.

see also: loser, pathetic, wannabe, poser, flambiguous;
So I see you're a WANKSTA today? What's the plan for next week? You'll pretend to be yourself?
by BnarD71 May 07, 2008
a fake or wanna be gangsta.
We said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you neva cop nuttin'
You been hustlin a long tyme
And you ain't got nuttin
by Omari G's Baby Mama August 15, 2005
A fake ass foo trying to be hard
Black people or whoever trying to be what they ain't.
by vboy April 06, 2003
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