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gangster wannabe
JaRule is a wanksta
by one l0ve` October 02, 2003
15 5
Ja Rule and all of Murder Inc.
by qqqqqqq May 13, 2003
22 12
A wannabe gangsta
Look at that iced out wanksta
by Sean May 01, 2003
15 5
a fake gangster/ anyone who acts like a gangster but never does anyhing gangster related
that butch bastable sure is a wanksta
by The Chink April 03, 2003
16 6
a gangsta wannabe
50 cent is hardcore, he be a gangsta; Ja Rule aint nuttin, he wishes he was gangsta, but he wanksta
by anonymous February 17, 2003
28 19
a term for wanna be gangsters who walk, talk, dress, and act like gangster's, but dont do anything gangster. Dumbass 9 year olds use this term but think only black people are gangster.
Al Capone is white and he was a gangsta

Vanilla Ice is white and he is a wanksta
Cashis is black and he is a gangsta

Lil Wayne is black and he is a wanksta
The Latin Kings are latino and they're gangsta

Fat Joe is latino and he is a wanksta (although I do like that song "Lean Back")

Understand now that gangsters and wanksters come in all color's? I'm talking to you dumbass 9 year olds.
by u dont know who I am 90984 July 10, 2009
11 3
a person who tries way too hard to be thug and hard but in reality would never bust a grape in a fruit fight(they're soft)...They often throw random mood swings and act cocky in large groups because they think it will increase their "steet credibility" but really just shows they're phony...A wanksta is not always a white person but many times a person of color..especially if brought up in a mainly white neighborhood and/or in a wealthy household.
1."Is that Tariq Miller fella for real or is he just joking around?"
"he's a wanksta dude...don't pay attention to that fool."

2."whats up with that white dude throwing tantrums at all the customers?"
"hes trying to prove hes hard but hes just a wanksta"
by Abdul Rasheed September 24, 2005
11 3