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not real
ja rule
by stepho July 07, 2003
V. describes something that is as cool as the trig. function Sine.
Yo that physics test was awesine!
by Stepho February 03, 2005
everyone on t.v who thinks there hard when there as soft as a babys ass i.e americans
by stepho July 07, 2003
cowardly yellow
look at that shitbag run
by STEPHO July 07, 2003
fat prick whose as fake ass jordans titts
by stepho July 07, 2003
slipknot are depressing queer shits who cant evan show there faces in public and anybody who listens to them is gay .their music is for middle class yuppy kids who r trying to be rebelios b cease there daddy fucked them when they were babys
mommy can i get the new slipknot album pleez or im going to hang myself ok theres a thousand bucks pocket money
by STEPHO July 07, 2003
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