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a cool tomboy girl, usually short for Melissa or Melony. she likes to hang with the boys and often doesn't have many girl-friends. hot.

girl-nextdoor type that anyone would like to spend their life with.
"man...that mel is great. she plays video games and watches football with me, yet she is still so hot! I want to be with her!"
by Hank J. Miller January 09, 2008
my favouritist person in the whole wide world. universe. as big as we can go........
dear lord. that mel is the greatest. even though that she caught me with an fake scottish accent, she still accepts me for the american that i am . what a mel.
by rhondabloodycivic October 27, 2007
A nickname for a girl whose name is either is Melanie or Melissa. She usually has dark hair, black or dirty blonde. Extremely beautiful light eyes that are almost hard to look away from. She likes to be by herself. Most people think she's rude or stuck up but most of the time it's because she is shy. She likes to be independent. Does not like to hang out with a lot of individuals. Thinks following trends are usually obnoxious and boring. Most people do not get her sense of humor but she is trying to be funny and loving. She is unique individual but mostly gets a bad rep for those who do not understand her quirks.
Amy : I love Melanie, but I've known her all of my life.
Steven: She's a tough person to get but at the end of the day she is always there for you.
by justbeingmyself2 July 05, 2012
A nickname for a girl named Melissa or Melanie. Coolest girl around. She is really down to earth and has a lot of friends. She also has the sexiest booty ever. All guys want to hit that. From behind.
Man, see that booty on that girl? She must be a Mel!
by John griffin February 13, 2013
mel only has ab's because she laugh allllooott. Plus shes a pshyco and is very random as well..
<laughing> Mel.. do you want it to be a 10 pack??
by Gabbbbbbbo September 02, 2008
Classy but Misunderstood.
People judge her harsh by her appearance but deep down she's a next door type chick and very classy!
I believe that Mel is just misunderstood although she's a classy lady!
by wonderwondermonkey August 22, 2014
mellow , laid back, low key bish, no matter how much you provoke them you cannot make a MEL person angry
Melody was so MEL everyone called her a MELOBISH because nothing made her angry , you could not piss her off no matter what you did
by Dollie Pop November 21, 2011
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