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We're not Virginia.
I don't know why I'm still in West Virginia. I'm 28 years old.
by lis May 28, 2003
In many high schools Fridays are celebrated by putting freshmen in garbage cans or stuffing them in lockers. It's amazing how creative the upperclassmen can get actually.
I used to look forward to stripping down the frosh and making them form sexual pyramids on top of each other until the administration turned gay and called it "hazing".
by Lis May 07, 2005
Not quite friends, not quite strangers. The awesome Danish band mew created this word and made it the name of their album.
"Are you friends with that girl?"
"More like frengers."

"It's been so long since I've talked to him, now we've turned into frengers."
by Lis May 22, 2005
When you get water on your hand and slap someone in the face, because not only does it get their face wet but it also makes an excellent sound.
John was pissing me off on the way to school so I put my hand in a rain puddle and wet slapped him.
by Lis June 10, 2005
See daft. Chiefly British.
"Bugger off, you dosey slag!"

"I left your jumper at my house, sorry for being so dosey!"
by Lis April 24, 2005
Everyone thinks that wanksta is a white-gangster but it is in fact another way of calling someone a wanker. It can also be a way of calling someone a white gangsta wanker.
I saw Baz wearing all his bling yesterday and his most thuggin' gear while he was threatening to duff people up...he really is a total wanksta.
by Lis November 30, 2004
This is something either old schoolteachers or prententious slappers use. To be fair, not everyone who uses this phrase is either or, but sadly most of the time this is said with a certain intonation to show false delight in activity, etc that the other speaker may have just named...basically a more subtle way of saying "oh the things you get up to are so quaint and CUTE!!!"
Person 1: "How was your weekend, sweetie?"
Person 2: "Well mainly I just stayed home, though I went paintballing with my friend one day."
Person 1: "Oh how fun!!!!!"
by Lis November 24, 2004
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