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a gangsta that can't quite pull it off.
hey man, look at that bitchslap-worthy wanksta.
by noelle April 04, 2003
Medeia Cohen.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
Someone who tries to act like he hard and just immulates what he sees or hears
John Dough = Wanksta
by The Truth March 06, 2003
Everyone thinks that wanksta is a white-gangster but it is in fact another way of calling someone a wanker. It can also be a way of calling someone a white gangsta wanker.
I saw Baz wearing all his bling yesterday and his most thuggin' gear while he was threatening to duff people up...he really is a total wanksta.
by Lis November 30, 2004
bitchass niggas that wear all that fake bling and their fuckin retro jerseys with their matchin hat.
by Pop a Collar August 06, 2003
everyone on t.v who thinks there hard when there as soft as a babys ass i.e americans
by stepho July 07, 2003