When the conditions are un-faivorable for disking it is considered to be windy as fuck
guy 1: "yo man i'm so chill... wanna go disk?"
guy 2: "nah man its so WAF right now. maybe tomorrow."
guy 1: "man you're so GAF"
guy 2: "fuck off bro"
by tie ler May 15, 2011
WAF is an abbreviation that means "What a Fag"

Easily usable in real life...you can pronounce it (Wah-F) or (wha-F)

good to use in chat rooms
Grinnz: i banned you for making no sense
njo: waf ^^
by seanLOL August 15, 2009
Weird as fuck
"Hey did you see that jenna marbles video where she acts like a volusia raptor?"
"haha yeah that was waf"

"That guy on our floor is fucking creepy"
"you mean bryan? yeah he's waf"
by brookiewookie+hilldog February 06, 2012
W.A.F - what a fag
pronounced - waf

used when someone makes a awkard/lame/idiotic/gay comment or gesture !
dude 1 : hey bro take a picture of me

dude 2 : k wow WAF
dude 3 : yeah man waf
dude 4 : *thinks it in his head but doesnt say*
by mirin? June 27, 2012
WAF simply stands for What A Fag. It's commonly used in Trinidad when talking about someone's actions or their personality.
Keegan: Did you see how James got on in that party last night?

Dylan: yup, it was ridiculous, WAF
by triniman14 May 31, 2011
n. abbreviation for "what a fag". Has its roots in a high school in Ottawa, Canada. Originally used as "waf" but now almost exclusively used in sentences as "What a waf" despite meaning "what a what a fag". Any person displaying faggy behaviour and/or any sort of sub-par existence.

Person1: "OMFG, look at him, what a waf!"

Person2: "Yeah, I know"
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
Wicked Awesome Films
BFF1: OMG! have u seen the last W.A.F. episode?

BFF2: no, why?

BFF1: omg it was so funny! the best by far!
by CobraStarshipFangsUp December 17, 2008
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