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n. A hilariously named beer originally brewed in Milwaukee by Joseph Schlitz.

It can (and will) get you drunk for a reasonable price. It tastes decent which has no connection to its funny name. It has experienced a recent revival due to the comeback of old school beers.

Its really not that bad at all, even though its from Milwaukee. Its better than Milwaukee's Best...which doesn't make sense and isn't very good. And its older than Old Milwaukee, which doesn't make sense either and also doesn't taste very good.

Naturally, any Schlitz will taste like Schlitz. Its not a light beer so you can still feel manly with some Schlitz in your hand. If you decide to take a Schlitz, make sure you share your Schlitz with others.
Chad: Yo man, pass me one of em brewskis, bro.
Brendan: No problem chief!
Chad: Ah jeez, this beer is Grolsch, dude!
Brendan: First of all, its not that bad, and second of all its Schlitz!
Chad: Ahhh, no wonder this beer tastes like Schlitz!
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by applejack42 February 12, 2010
More than one sandwich or a group of sandwiches. Usually eaten in one sitting. Plural of sandwich.
Cletus: "What'er u want fer grub mister?"
Jeeves: "I will have 3 sandwi, good sir."
#sandwich #clusterfuck #sandwiches #shawarma #sandwiched #food
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
n. abbreviation for "what a fag". Has its roots in a high school in Ottawa, Canada. Originally used as "waf" but now almost exclusively used in sentences as "What a waf" despite meaning "what a what a fag". Any person displaying faggy behaviour and/or any sort of sub-par existence.

Person1: "OMFG, look at him, what a waf!"

Person2: "Yeah, I know"
#fag #loser #dumpy #idiot #baffoon
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
verb. pronounced with a soft "g".

To booge. to splooge on boobs.

noun. The act of splooging on boobs
Example 1:
Girl: "What do you do as a hobbie?"
Guy: "I like to booge on girls"

Example 2:

Person: "No, we didn't have sex, it was just a booge"
#splooge #splooging #boobs #beeje #boob
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
noun. slang term for taxi or taxi driver from the generalization that the name of the taxi driver is Akbar due to stereotypically large amount of arab taxi drivers
"Yo man, call Akbar, I gotta get home"
#taxi #mo #mohammed #driver #akhbar
by applejack42 November 06, 2009
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