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waf means 'We Are Failures' famously used in Dog Is Dead's single Glockenspiel Song. Dog Is Dead fans are called waf's. A waf is a huge Dog Is Dead fan and they love each and every band member of the band.
Hi I'm John and I'm a waf.
by top-waf August 19, 2012
Wack As Fuck.. Mostly said by celebrity Tila Tequila..
follow the beautiful lady now..
Shes WAF

Person1- What ur not gonna pick me up??

Person2- Nope, i got other things to attend to..

Person1- Man ur WAF..!!
by Supra_THUG June 12, 2009
=welsh as fuck. used by welsh people when describin sum1 doin sumin stupid or sumin stupid or sumin cool or sum1 doin sum 1 cool :s waw even that sentence waz w.a.f
dat cars w.a.f (a tried 2 b pimped box on wheels .....dumb lookin) ...........l8er on wen cars jus been tipped afta playin chicken..wicked dat waz well w.a.f...(cool, inteligent thing 2 do)
by w.a.f n proud!!! February 01, 2005
Pronounced "waf" as in "waffle." Its an acronym for "What A Fag" or "What A Faggot" and is said after some douche does or says something douche-like or gay. It can be shouted at some jerkoff who just said something politically correct or be muttered under your breath to your friend in class because your male teacher is wearing purple shorts.
Dude: Don't be gay, Manpuss.
Manpuss: Hey! Don't say that. That is offensive to me!
Bro: Why? Are you gay?
Manpuss: No, I am not.
Dude: W.A.F., man.
Bro: True. True.
Manpuss: Whatever, you racists.
Bro: W.A.F. for days.
by D3L February 04, 2010
Wild As Fuck
I just realized you tried to call me cute on the slide. Lol.

The Girl then says you W.A.F.!
by Jaye Blak March 13, 2010
Stands for "What A Fucking Slut". Most likely used over the internet
Billy(Talking to Jen on Facebook): Oh my gosh, did you hear about Karen sleeping around?

Jen: Yeah, I know. WAFS!
by I Love Lucy 3.0 December 28, 2010
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