Woman Air Force ( best part of United States Air Force )
my girl is waf I let her call the shots. It goes like this: "gear up", "little left on rudder". " ok now ease flaps into position", " pull up stick ", " hard on the tail hook " she sometimes sings: " into the wild blue yonder dah deda dah " when things heat up she says " increase rpm red line on turbin number one " I love my waf
by itichie_nocanpo June 25, 2006
What a faggot.
Tony, WAF.
by Dumainte February 26, 2010
Weird As Fuck
"Nikki Minaj is WAF. That bitch got ass implants."

"Dude, my roommate has 2 Taylor Swift posters!"
"Man, that dude must be WAF."

"That sweaty German just checked out my ass!"
"Ewww that is WAF!"
by supes waf September 05, 2011
Acronym for "what a fag"
Kevin likes to listen to "My Humps." WAF!
by WAFmaster November 04, 2005
wack as fuck
That bitch is WAF
by assassian40 June 04, 2009
1. We Are Friends
2. A self-describing term used to identify a group of people who consider themselves to be friends; only applicable if people are friends outside of social networking sites
3. Most frequently used in chants to illustrate level of friendship and comraderie in moments of inebriated bonding.
Girl: OMG! You guys, we are all friends!
Group: WAF! WAF! WAF!
by WeAreFriends June 29, 2010
Wife Acceptance Factor, meaning tha an appliance, furniture or even your car gathers the practical and aesthetical features that makes it acceptable for woman´s point of view.
-Hollo my darling! Do you like my new pair of 4´speakers? -
- They´re grothesque, and definitely not WAF. . . .take´m out. . .
by Ursus Australis November 16, 2015

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