Woman Air Force ( best part of United States Air Force )
my girl is waf I let her call the shots. It goes like this: "gear up", "little left on rudder". " ok now ease flaps into position", " pull up stick ", " hard on the tail hook " she sometimes sings: " into the wild blue yonder dah deda dah " when things heat up she says " increase rpm red line on turbin number one " I love my waf
by itichie_nocanpo June 25, 2006
What a faggot.
Tony, WAF.
by Dumainte February 26, 2010
Acronym for "what a fag"
Kevin likes to listen to "My Humps." WAF!
by WAFmaster November 04, 2005
Weird As Fuck
"Nikki Minaj is WAF. That bitch got ass implants."

"Dude, my roommate has 2 Taylor Swift posters!"
"Man, that dude must be WAF."

"That sweaty German just checked out my ass!"
"Ewww that is WAF!"
by supes waf September 05, 2011
wack as fuck
That bitch is WAF
by assassian40 June 04, 2009
1. We Are Friends
2. A self-describing term used to identify a group of people who consider themselves to be friends; only applicable if people are friends outside of social networking sites
3. Most frequently used in chants to illustrate level of friendship and comraderie in moments of inebriated bonding.
Girl: OMG! You guys, we are all friends!
Group: WAF! WAF! WAF!
by WeAreFriends June 29, 2010

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