WAF- (abbr) Wife Acceptance Factor
The Wife Acceptance Factor is the number between 1 and 10 applied to electronic devices that get brought home. This number relates to how understanding a spouse is about it's usage and, indeed, it's very presence.
Eg: "The W.A.F. on my new digital camera is at an 8.6"

Eg: "With my lighting controls not working, the W.A.F. on my my home automation system is at an all time low"
by Cyber-Wizard July 06, 2006
We are fucked.
Republicans are generally in agreement that WAF in this election.
by AMH72 October 14, 2008
Acronym for What a Freak. Can be used when u want to be discreet about calling someone a freak or weird.
She is such a WAF she told Jared that she loved to eat cheese
by Lacey Carterr December 05, 2007
Weak as Fuck
Man Yur Shirt isz Soo WAF.! lOl
by Maqnificent.Badd June 20, 2009
acronym for What A Fail.

used online.
"i forgot to change my status to single."

"i keep forgetting to turn in my homework."
by Annabel. February 21, 2009
Stands for Worth a Fuck.

Means that a person/thing is worth having sexual intercourse with.
That girl is so hot, but only WAF.

William is so ugly! but he's WAF.

You know whose WAF? that girl walking towards us right now.
by B LI January 30, 2010
Wreck A Fuck. To destroy the chances of a potential one night stand. The reason used to WAF may or may not be true.
Brad was waf'd when his friend told his prospective fuck that he had the clap.
by fudgebubbles April 17, 2009

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