Makes you fell pissed off when you get one, but if you have the resources to blow its fucking ass out your PC that can feel good.
Not a fucking virus! Never mind my anti virus software will eat it for breakfast...
*Virus slaughtered to its electric death*
Have that you trojen shit!
by Mr. Mr October 02, 2006
1. A program created by an individual who deserves to get beaten over and over again. They are the Geek version of Gangsters, who also deserve to get beat.

2. A very common term used with people who use Microsoft Windows.

3. The human race.
I found the motherfucker to put the virus in my computer, and believe me, he won't do that mistake again.
by fuckitall220 June 19, 2006
Like an STD but electronic and for your computer. Something else that rapes my computer to no end. I really should consider getting a good anti-virus or firewall or some such shit.
My computer once again is not working because it is filled with many-a-fucking virus and my piece of shit Norton Anti-virus didn't work and got its bitch ass kicked and now my computer is fucked and it won't even turn on.
by Pimp-Master J June 01, 2006
In computing:
A program designed to multiplicate and spread itself over networks.

Most are designed to destroy the systems they encounter, after they used it to 'breed'.
(eg. using contacts, emails, ... found on a system)

The damage; mostly just software which needs to be re-installed.
The sollution: a virusscanner
"I opened an email titled 'I love you', and screwed up my puter."
"LMAO, desperate eh?"
by BelgainDSoul August 11, 2003
NOT actually the plural of virus. It is latin for men. The plural of virus is viruses. Anyone who says otherwise is a flaming faggot.

by Big Pimp Daddy May 08, 2004
What an unprotected windows-based computer will have within 35 seconds of connecting to the internet.
I just installed Windows XP, and before I could even update I got a virus.
by Scarab November 30, 2004
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