An attached female who always messages/e-mails you via the internet
Girl- Hey hun i missed you. I sent you like 4 messages on myspace, how come you didn't respond???? :'(

Guy- I'm sorry i tend to stay awy from virus. Hard to get rid of na mean? NO? Ok.. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE
by NeverDUN October 15, 2007
In computer terms, a CTD
damn, i just got ANOTHER virus fool.
by g3lic June 23, 2004
A word that never fails to put a smug, self righteous grin on the kisser of every Mac user.
PeeCee user: "I reckon I've got virus on my 'puter! <boohoo>"
Mac User: "<smug, self righteous grin>"
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
Excellent British thrash band from the 80's that split in 1990 and whose lyrical themes focused mainly on war death and insanity, reformed in 2008 and have released three full length albums since 1986
Coke Finlay from virus: Thrash to the death! Oh wait, we're not onslaught....thank fuck!
by Slaytanicide August 17, 2010
An organism that moves around until it has found a single, empty spot and stays there and mutliplies until every natural resource in the area is consumed, and then moves on to consume another area.
See human.
"A virus is what's destrying the Earth's eco system!"
"Among other things..."
by Volatile October 17, 2004
A computer disease that is created by 35 year old fat men who still haven't moved out of there mother's basement.
Atheists make viruses.
by coolio October 16, 2003
A virus is the human race. The human race is cutting down forests, melting polar ice caps, and destroying the world.
And that's why the hippies and tree huggers basically died out in the 70's because, once again, the human race is a virus and is destroying everything in it's path.
by Highly Evolved March 23, 2005

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