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the stuff emitted from a body piercing when either being changed out, or twisting/ rotating.
I was playing with my earring, rocking it back & forth like the piercer told me to, when this stuff came out of the hole, on the jewelry, & in my hand-! Man! It stunk like stinky cheese!
by miss_l January 01, 2011
when a girl is going down on you, you fart and blow a wad on her disgusted face.
want some wine with your stinky cheese?
by Woody & Broce March 31, 2008
Somthing that is made up during a 8th grade taks test that consumes your whole life and every thought process.

La Stinky Sheese.
Damn dat's be some stinky sheese, the stinky sheese.... STINKY SHEESEEEZ,
by stinky sheese master May 05, 2005
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