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opposite of a dime
ulgy chick that has an orangatang behind instead of a monkey
an ass that is un seen, straight, flat, saggy, etc
the way you act wild out of control
that girl got an orangatang cause her ass gets low
by grams July 18, 2006
Chults are children in a family who have become adults. This reference can be made by parents in lieu of using the word "kids" to describe their adult children.
The chults are coming to dinner on Sunday with the grand children.
by Grams November 23, 2012
a gang of many people from different states
all about money
means business
regular people just a head of da game
the truth, what the game needs
new york,st.louis,Atlanta we in here
reckin krew going world wide to take control of the rap game by storm
by grams July 18, 2006
Large amount of money
Any thing you get from your product
We out here 4 da same reason tryin 2 move dis white girl
We give dem tha product they’ll give us da cheese curls
by grams July 18, 2006
soft white cocanie
an ice cream flavor
a form of snow
that vanilla was soft first but hard now
by grams August 04, 2006
a boy dats actin gay or being a fag
a boy dats is refered as a bitch or is uncool
a boy or man dat likes to be played with by another boy or girl like a doll
a faget or a boy dats actin frutie
a boy/girl dat like her/his hair pulled or like to play dress up
dawg u gay u ulgy fag doll
why u like rubbing my face u fag doll
by grams August 12, 2006

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