a bong unit is a bowl of weed smoked from a bong.
1: hey guys lets go hit a unit or something.
2: fuckin right that's the only way to smoke the ganj.
by sweetleaf November 03, 2006
a Unidentified Nigger In Town
Hey Matt, have u seen John?

Well, last time i saw him he was in town with that filthy Unit.
I think he was trying to get John to buy stolen goods or something...
by Super Nigger!! July 09, 2009
A failure. A loser. A good way to insult somebody in a discreet way.
Unit! Come check this website.
by Dudesir September 14, 2008
Noun. A slang word used to describe a really fat ugly bitch. The word is derived from the from the measurement of a standard kitchen unit, which is 60cm wide/deep (dishwasher, washing machine, tumble drier etc all conform to these standard dimensions).

Correct timing and pronunciation is crucial to the effect of this word. It is best shouted loudly after walking past a really fat minger in the street, with particular emphasis on the first syllable.
Pablo: "Did you see that woman?"
Jaimie: "No?"
Pablo: "UUUUUNIT!!!"
by Pablo Escobar January 06, 2004
a beast, manchild, james linacre
you e-unit! go linacre, you are a dead set, UUUUUUNIT!
by linacre September 26, 2003
Can be used after almost any object, person, letter, or sentence to make it fun and hip.
1) Yo e-UNIT its K-unit get me some starbizzlebucks coffee
2) Squalla back and blow up my cell unit
3) I am away from my computer right now....unit.
by k-UNIT July 27, 2003
dorky person, a nob, a peeny person....a tool.
"What a unit!"

"You freakin Unit!"

"Dude, quit being such a unit."
by Dr. Asian Love May 22, 2003

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