n. Nice / expensive trainers or sneakers
ie. Nike Air Force Ones
"See the new Nike's? Those are some hot units..."
by McKenzie May 20, 2005
remake of the "j crew" consisting of jtownie, melaberg, boosilver, and rcoop. lets just say their activities consist of singing twinkle twinkle little star at lunch, and bashing those who engage in illegal substances and hang out with those of the opposite sex.
UNIT member #1: "omggg what are we doing together this weekend?"
UNIT membery #2: "Def. making fun of people who go to parties and have fun!"
UNIT member #3: "hahahha 'let's pregame the dance' god...what losers!"
by yeye February 14, 2005
male penis and scrotum, or female mound/vulva/labia/vagina
When she turned him down he pulled out his unit and began waving it around her face.

When I decided to surprise fuck him, I shaved my unit the night before. He said it was the best vaginal sex he'd ever had.
by Jake January 20, 2004
When you're measuring something, you measure it in units...like meters or inches or ounces or grams...yeah.
I know it's long, but HOW MANY UNITS! This is a scientific experiment for God's sake!!
by Signor Turd May 25, 2003
a quantifier for the numbers of beers you have ready to go, i.e chilled
come on man, all units are communal

i got 80+ units back at my room
by The Towers October 26, 2007
The equivalent of "dude" as used in the book by M.T. Anderson, Feed.
"I'm so null, unit."
by Robert Cogdill July 20, 2005
Can be used to described just about anything. Usually a person or object. Can be used to represent women, cars, ketchup packets, boats, burritos, etc.
A: Here I brought you lunch... Taco Bell.
B: Cool. Did you grab some units too?
(In this case units could refer to the little salsa packets or possibly a drink)
by Robdog May 17, 2004
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