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When you're measuring something, you measure it in units...like meters or inches or ounces or grams...yeah.
I know it's long, but HOW MANY UNITS! This is a scientific experiment for God's sake!!
by Signor Turd May 25, 2003
a quantifier for the numbers of beers you have ready to go, i.e chilled
come on man, all units are communal

i got 80+ units back at my room
by The Towers October 26, 2007
The equivalent of "dude" as used in the book by M.T. Anderson, Feed.
"I'm so null, unit."
by Robert Cogdill July 20, 2005
a bong unit is a bowl of weed smoked from a bong.
1: hey guys lets go hit a unit or something.
2: fuckin right that's the only way to smoke the ganj.
by sweetleaf November 03, 2006
male penis and scrotum, or female mound/vulva/labia/vagina
When she turned him down he pulled out his unit and began waving it around her face.

When I decided to surprise fuck him, I shaved my unit the night before. He said it was the best vaginal sex he'd ever had.
by Jake January 20, 2004
1. The penis.
2. Shorter term for Randy Johnson, AKA "The Big Unit", NL Cy Young award winner and 2001 World Series MVP pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
1. I have a really big unit. But you already knew that.
2. Did Unit pitch last night, or was it Curt Schilling?
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
a Unidentified Nigger In Town
Hey Matt, have u seen John?

Well, last time i saw him he was in town with that filthy Unit.
I think he was trying to get John to buy stolen goods or something...
by Super Nigger!! July 09, 2009