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Unable To Come Up With Anything To Compare The Feeling Too
When I'm With Him I Feel As If I Could Do Anything..Its Indescribable Untill You've Experienced It..
by Rae Ann April 07, 2008
a word that ultimately shouldn't exist, (a DESCRIPTIVE adjective that DESCRIBES how impossible it is to describe something.)
guy 1: it was such an indescribable act
guy 2: that you just described 0.o
by ChUcKyChAnG October 05, 2009
gorgeous, amazing. Colour changing, beautiful, ravishing eyes
Sarah's eyes are indescribable. gorgeous beautiful eyes colour
by Connolly77 January 07, 2014
adj. meaning you cannot scribble on it

n. surface that will not accept your markings
Sam wanted to write down Alicia's number, but his crayola maker wouldn't work on his slick, indescribable binder.
by Sam and Alice in Wonderland June 15, 2011
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