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A pipe, or device, for smoking pot. Normally a metel pipe. As opposed to a glass 'piece.'
Got a steel unit? I need to smoke some resin.
by Jakeisuseless March 01, 2005
A slang word used to describe an afro-can. Unidentified. Niger. In. Town.
Yo josh, check out the unit moving into that house across the street. There goes the neighborhood.
by mufffichman September 22, 2006
Unit used in the term of calling someone something can be used as an insult or just for the hell of it. I depends who your calling Unit, and what they have done to deserve the title. Friends calling friends Unit is not considered an insult, but if you say it in a mean way then it is considered an insult.
A girl and her friends are hanging out somewhere and the girl does something silly, her friend say "Your such a Unit!". This is used in a friendly way.

Seeing someone down the street that you dislike and saying "UNIT!" is said in a insulting way, and is therefore not a compliment.
by Justine5 September 18, 2005
a "unit" refers to a man's penis.
Damn, that foo jas a big unit.
by 50 Cent March 07, 2005
An integral part of any RTS game, the unit is anything mobile that is controlled by the player.
I blew up all your units and structures. You are pwned!
by Godson of Soul November 07, 2003
A mean look
He shot me a unit!
by Mikeski November 18, 2003
When somebody joins the unit they add unit onto there name and become cooler than ya mum!
Z unit
C unit
A unit

by Zoe Unittttt October 12, 2007