Unit used in the term of calling someone something can be used as an insult or just for the hell of it. I depends who your calling Unit, and what they have done to deserve the title. Friends calling friends Unit is not considered an insult, but if you say it in a mean way then it is considered an insult.
A girl and her friends are hanging out somewhere and the girl does something silly, her friend say "Your such a Unit!". This is used in a friendly way.

Seeing someone down the street that you dislike and saying "UNIT!" is said in a insulting way, and is therefore not a compliment.
by Justine5 September 18, 2005
An outfit(shirt,pant or shorts,shirt)
I'm going to the mall to get a unit for the club tonight.
by Gary Warfield July 27, 2006
A unit is seven hundred grams of heroin, coke, etc.
My Eyetalian friend promised me a unit straight off the boat this week. I can't wait.
by Mike November 24, 2006

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