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Another word to describe someone as stupid or dumb. These people generally have nothing important or constructive to say and waste your time and oxygen with stupid comments or blow by blow details about shit you don't care about. It gets better! You have never met them before in your life!
Them: blah, blah, blah, blah, "My dog this", blah, blah, blah, "yesterday that."

Me: Why should I care?? You're still talking crap! My god! What a unit!
by Snezzle December 22, 2010
Cop term for Unauthorized Nigger In Town
(Suburb Cop on the radio) We have a U.N.I.T. in a black B.M.W. He's doing the speed limit, no tints, wearing a seat belt, plates are legit, but I'm gonna pull him over anyway.
by Dari J. August 14, 2008
another name for a pipe or piece that you put marijuana into.
I got tree, you got a unit?
by Rusticulis January 10, 2013
a beer
Yo, get me a unit out of the fridge.
by kizzle10 February 19, 2014
noun: a person who is indescribably crazy or insane such that others are ashamed of them.
"Geez that Miley Cyrus is a unit"
by MCAVgirl October 28, 2013
n. Nice / expensive trainers or sneakers
ie. Nike Air Force Ones
"See the new Nike's? Those are some hot units..."
by McKenzie May 20, 2005
remake of the "j crew" consisting of jtownie, melaberg, boosilver, and rcoop. lets just say their activities consist of singing twinkle twinkle little star at lunch, and bashing those who engage in illegal substances and hang out with those of the opposite sex.
UNIT member #1: "omggg what are we doing together this weekend?"
UNIT membery #2: "Def. making fun of people who go to parties and have fun!"
UNIT member #3: "hahahha 'let's pregame the dance' god...what losers!"
by yeye February 14, 2005