A word to describe a very large (ie FAT) whale looking creature... usually women...! Rarely seen during daylight as they are too busy in the sea eating all the fish!

Almost definately found out at night, drinking pints and waiting for Dallas Chicken to open! Can also be described as a lagoon creature, and seem to appear more attractive as the night goes on & the more drunk you get....

If found, please return to sea or may become extinct due to starvation
Bloke 1: Bloooody hell! Look at that....

Bloke 2: Yeah she is a bit of a unit!
by Mr Peter File October 29, 2009
Cop term for Unauthorized Nigger In Town
(Suburb Cop on the radio) We have a U.N.I.T. in a black B.M.W. He's doing the speed limit, no tints, wearing a seat belt, plates are legit, but I'm gonna pull him over anyway.
by Dari J. August 14, 2008
noun: a person who is indescribably crazy or insane such that others are ashamed of them.
"Geez that Miley Cyrus is a unit"
by MCAVgirl October 28, 2013
another name for a pipe or piece that you put marijuana into.
I got tree, you got a unit?
by Rusticulis January 10, 2013
What Drag Queen or Transgender Female would call her weave.
Oh my God Myra! Did you see Jazzy's new Brazilian unit?!
by Joeyfag September 09, 2014
a beer
Yo, get me a unit out of the fridge.
by kizzle10 February 19, 2014
n. Nice / expensive trainers or sneakers
ie. Nike Air Force Ones
"See the new Nike's? Those are some hot units..."
by McKenzie May 20, 2005

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